Vicky J. York

Master Artist / Master Teacher

Leander, TX  USA


Brushes and strokes


Vicky’s brushes are made specifically to her requirements in the Federal Republic of Germany.  These brushes are all strung with sable hair, and bound such that the traditional “breaking in” period is no longer required.  Each brush is made with extra hair, enabling Vicky to successfully paint her one-fire hummingbird technique.  Her brushes are also just a bit longer than most, enhancing the motion of the birds’ feathers with every stroke.  She is pleased to recommend them to you!  Vicky’s brushes are only sold through her studio in Austin.  If you are interested in purchasing them, please contact her directly.


#12 square shader ------$21.50

Designed for all florals, shadows and backgrounds.


#6 square shader --------$16.50

Designed for all hummingbird feathers.


#2 liner --------------------$14.50

Designed for floral details & bird eyes and feet



Vicky’s hummingbird brush strokes enable her to paint her one-fire technique more easily.  The following are her eight favorite strokes.  The first six strokes are used as needed on the hummingbird’s head and body.  When painting stroke #7 or #8, the brush handle is rotated counter clockwise 45 degrees.  In swinging the brush handle toward the right, the left corner will be down and the right corner will be up.  It is in this position that the right corner will naturally paint the tips of all the feathers on the tail and wings.