Vicky J. York

Master Artist / Master Teacher

Leander, TX  USA


Vicky’s painting goals…….


1.      While using a limited palette, she works to extend the range of colors as far as possible to achieve a more dramatic and dynamic effect.

2.      Vicky pays continuous attention to how her designs are handled in correlation to the negative patterns created.

3.      She works to be very much aware of the power of her colors and to use them to the fullest.

4.      She looks to use light wherever possible, from her background colors through to the foreground colors.

5.      Vicky strives to not forget about the power of her reflected lights and cast shadows.

6.      She works to remember that not only is a whole flower subject to shadows, each fold or ruffle can move from light into shadow many times within one petal.  She knows that her value changes must be consistent!

7.      And last but certainly not least, she enjoys using the change of color temperature to enhance and enforce her three dimensional illusions.